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MUZALUCI, begins with a deep passion for showcasing an internal creative force and the magic that resides in nature using digital tools as a means of expression. With a background in textile printing and a sense of infinite exploration, we are committed to designing a magical world and an aesthetic universe.


In March 2019, we opened our first showroom, marking the beginning of our journey. Shortly after, in May of that same year, we had the privilege of organizing the MUZALUCI art exhibition at the Andino luxury shopping center in Bogotá. At this event, the magic and mysticism of our brand captivated all attendees.


Starting in 2020, we began our international expansion, reaching countries such as the United States, Spain, Venezuela, and Mexico. With each stride, Muzaluci became increasingly recognized in the international market. In 2021, we established a presence in countries like Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Guatemala.


In the year 2022, we had the honor of being the main course at the closing event of the Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) named "Magical Realism" in Miami. Furthermore, we participated in the inaugural international fair, Shoppe Object NY, solidifying our presence in the global market.


In May 2023, we opened the doors to our new flagship store, providing our customers with a unique and magical experience. Additionally, in the same year, we welcomed Mexico through our partnership with Casa Palacio, making our products available to art and aesthetics enthusiasts.

Not to forget, our venture into Guatemala through the Corinne store. We are excited to share our magic and creativity with the Guatemalan audience.